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Very happy to share a lovely project I've had the pleasure of working on during the last weeks for SPACE NK, a renowned British retailer of personal care and beauty products.

As part of their Easter celebration, I was invited by the SPACE NK social media team to create an animated GIF to be used on their networks.

What if a SPACE NK flagship store instantly became a chocolate factory just in time for Easter? That's the idea I've been exploring to create this animated GIF as part of the Easter social media campaign of the brand.

Working on a delicate colour palette made of pinks, pastels and light browns, this animation came to life by adding, one after one, delicious bits of sweets, lollipops, chocolates and more!

This has been such a fun project to work on, thank you very much to the SPACE NK social media team for inviting me, now it's time for me to find the closest chocolate factory!

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