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Gabriela Hearst Nina Cashmere Felt - Chocolate
Gabriela Hearst Nina Cashmere Felt - Chocolate

Last Summer, I was approached by the Gabriela Hearst creative team, in seek of new ways to present their line of luxury accessories on their channels, to create a series of illustrations of some of the most coveted handbags in the fashion sphere.

Needless to say, I was happily surprised to see such a brand willing to take a risk and choose to use illustrations along with photographs to promote their work and I was glad they were drawn to my aesthetic to the point they tasked me with this job.

This wasn't exactly just a job, it was a dream job as an illustrator. Not only have I had the chance to collaborate with such a unique fashion brand in the fashion landscape, but I've also been given an almost carte blanche, the time and complete trust to develop the visuals.

Daniel Roseberry's SCHIAPARELLI New Haute Couture collection

From my point of view and as an artist, it was also a moment of personal growth, I felt the responsibility to give this project 100% of myself and possibly go beyond that.

I tried to find new ways of working and, something slightly unusual for me as an illustrator, I created almost two versions of the same handbag and illustration to pick the one I was the happiest with.

Gabriela Hearst founded her own eponymous label in Fall 2015, intending to create a brand built on the principles of timelessness, uncompromising quality and sustainability.

These same principles are applied to her line of coveted handbags, first introduced in 2016.

With full respect to her values of sustainability, Gabriela Hearst decided to produce the bags in limited quantities and available via request only, joining a long waiting list.

The Nina Bag was the original one, named after artist and activist Nina Simone, and launched as a limited edition series.

Maira Grazia Chiuri's Christian Dior New Haute Couture collection

With its unique shape, the Nina Bag soon became one of the most sought handbags, stealing the hearts of many celebrities and style icons including Meghan Markle, Anne Hathaway, Greta Gerwig and Angelina Jolie to name a few.

Because of its success, the Nina Bag was soon followed by the Demi Bag, its smaller version.

The Lacquered Tote Bag (in two different colours), the Bethania Box Bag, in its signature cognac colour and the Callas Clutch Nappa were the other handbags I had the pleasure to illustrate.

Every Gabriela Hearst handbag is unique and it was a challenge to find a way to fully represent that in all of my illustrations for the luxury brand.

A huge thank you to the whole Gabriela Hearst team for trusting me with this dream project, it was such an honour to contribute to the vision of a truly iconic fashion designer.

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