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"Like Francesco as a young boy, revealing the rainbow palette of his first watercolour set, this book will give you the possibility to make your own marks and tell your own story."                                                     

                                                               Patrick Morgan, FIDA Director

"This book is packed with handy tips and tricks that are worth their weight in gold, the kind of instructions that only someone who has a lot of experience in the medium can give. Francesco clearly has an understanding of where beginners need to be guided in order to build up a portfolio and tricks that will help them improve the fastest."   

                                                                                                                                                Rhiannon D'Averc, London Runway Magazine

"An absolute gem of a book! The delicate and beautiful watercolours burst with vitality. Francesco's process is explained in a step-by-step guide with 20 increasingly complex projects. This book will give you everything you need to build skills and confidence so you can make your mark as a fashion illustrator."      

                                                 Martine Spencer, Fashion and Textile Museum


"On the one hand, it is an intriguing window into the fashion industry packed with fascinating insights. On the other, it is a straightforward and in-depth set of painting projects. Then, on a magical third hand, this is worth a look purely for its gorgeous images that are both filled with colour and effortlessly stylish."

                                                                       PaperCrafter Magazine

"In his recently-released first book, Watercolor Fashion Illustration, Francesco shares what he's learnt from his career so far to help fashion illustrators who are just starting out or looking to make a change and get into the industry."

                                                                   Dom Carter, Creative Boom

Are you ready to start your Watercolor Fashion Illustration journey?


Watercolor Fashion Illustration is now available to order anywhere:

Amazon USA - Amazon UK - Waterstones - Walmart - Foyles - Telegraph - Fashion Museum

BIG NEWS! Watercolor Fashion Illustration is now also available in Italian and German:

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