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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Some of the visuals created for Darphin Paris

I had the extra pleasure of working along with the British communications team of Darphin Paris, part of the iconic Estée Lauder group, on an exciting illustrated project for a gifting campaign.

With the Holiday season approaching, Darphin Paris chose to gift some of their beloved clients with a selection of their skincare products.

In order to let their clients discover which Darphin Paris skincare franchise is suitable for their skin type, I was tasked with creating a full illustrated decision tree to give them some guidance.

It was so much fun to create these guidelines with watercolour and I have much appreciated the exchange of ideas with the Darphin Paris team in order to find the most visually graceful and interesting solution.

Thank you very much to everyone at Darphin Paris for their precious help and for picking me to contribute to this project.

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