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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Last September, I can say one of my dreams came true, as I had the absolute pleasure to work with one of the designers I have admired the most since working as a fashion illustrator: JW ANDERSON.

The communication team invited me backstage during the JW ANDERSON Spring/Summer 2019 fashion show here in London, to create an exclusive illustrated view of his new collection.

I have been following the work of Jonathan Anderson for a while now, even before joining forces with LVMH and becoming the creative director of Loewe.

It was such an honour to work on this project together and have the chance to sketch that close to his new JW ANDERSON collection.

When working backstage, time is really everything as things get quite hectic once the show beginning gets closer.

While models were rehearsing, I started sketching some hot leather boots I instantly fell in love with. After the rehearsals, models got their make-up and hair fully done, so I could start sketching some of the faces that I could work again later adding accessories and garments.

I ended up doing the most of my sketches when models were in line, before reaching to the catwalk. All the models were wearing leather headscarves and it was a pleasure to sketch them along the rest of the clothes.

Thank you very much to Jonathan Anderson for having me, big thanks to Andrew, Divna and the whole JW ANDERSON team for welcoming me and to the models as well!

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