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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


Updated: Aug 10, 2021

There's something new, a contemporary tension in the exquisite offering of JW Anderson for Spring/Summer 2020. The darling of British fashion is moving forward, positively building on his own and peculiar vocabulary that has quickly granted him a place of respect in the world of fashion.

It's been an honour to witness Jonathan Anderson's growth and after working on a special illustrated view of his SS19 collection, I was excited to be able to visit the backstage again as part of my partnership with L'Officiel Italia, for his new show.

The truth is that backstage is really a magic place and each time that a model stepped out of the dressing room, I was simply amazed by the beauty of each look.

Sculptures by Canadian artist Liz Magor, which has been addressing the role of objects as relics of our history, were part of the set design.

"I wanted to keep the configuration of the space from last season and yet still evolve. I saw Liz Magor’s work at Harvard and I liked what she was saying about the experience about looking. I thought about this idea of ‘looking’ at things and how we perceive them, how we look at textures, how we see jewellery and what jewellery really is… ”

JW Anderson Spring/Summer 2020 consists of 41 looks with crystal embellishments that adorned most of them. For the very first time, the brand introduces also a new version of the Cap bag, available right after the end of the show.

These sketches are part of my London Fashion Week SS20 illustrated coverage for L'Officiel Italia.

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