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Updated: Aug 10, 2021

”I was playing with a mixture of fabrics at the studio. Some we have used before and some new and it came together in a sort of collage.”

Jonathan Anderson presented on Day 4 of London Fashion Week his eponymous collection, 41 looks that kept expanding his own vocabulary, with great attention to both volume and movement.

Indeed, while I was sketching backstage, I could witness some of the models walking, so that the JW Anderson team could check how the garments would move and feel in motion.

The JW Anderson Autumn/Winter 2020 collection can be described as an extremely chic-collage that mixes several elements like metallic textures, knitted dresses, leather collars and new exciting fabrics developed in house. Over-sized dresses, skirts and coats are highlights of the collection as well.

Satin dresses, created with metal, were compacted and twisted in order to produce a surreal effect. While some knitwear pieces were constructed out of circular knits, resulting almost as sculptural artwork.

Some elements first presented last month in Paris for the menswear show, like the chain loafers, made another appearance here as well. The signature chain was also reproduced on handbags, destined to become an instant must-have of the next season.

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