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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Matthew Petersen Seymour with oro suede fisherman hat.

During the latest Paris Fashion Week, I had the pleasure to be invited to the LOEWE headquarters to attend their SS19 Menswear presentation. Given the fact that I have been loving everything that designer Jonathan Anderson has been doing with his own brand and also with the Spanish luxury fashion house, I was more than thrilled to be able to sketch live during the show.

Daan Joosten with multicolour wool knit striped jumper and calf fisherman hat.

The SS19 collection was presented in the brand offices on Place Saint-Sulpice, in Paris. The location was entirely transformed in a colourful playground with rainbow handmade pom-poms on the floor, while pictures by renowned photographer Duane Michals (one of my personal favourites since I was an Art student!) were hanging on the walls.

Duane Michals is only the last one in a long series of high-profile photographers collaborating with LOEWE on their official publications, with the aim of expanding the ideas behind the garments.

Each publication, hard-bound in fine fabrics, is exclusively printed in a limited edition of 1.200 copies. For Spring/Summer 2019, under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson and M/M (Paris), Duane Michals shot eleven models playing joyful characters at Casa Gallardo, a private home in Madrid.

The American photographer has already worked with LOEWE on Le Fantastique Magicien, a playful photoshoot featuring British actor Josh O'Connor, who stars also in the brand latest SS19 campaign.

Daan Joosten with ecru cotton flower patch crochet top and fisherman hat.

For SS19, Jonathan Anderson explores boyhood and a genuine love for nature. It's an intimate journey in childhood memories with playful prints, including mythological lions and Disney's Dumbo.

A certain love for a bohemian life translates with botanical and geometric motifs and a natural colour palette with watermelon greens, sandy yellows and light greys.

Fisherman hats, off-white boots, and a multicolour jacquard knit tote bag are some of the accessories of the collection and also personal favourites.

I spent almost the whole time sketching during the presentation and I am very happy with the sketches that I am here sharing with you. It was really an amazing and unique experience and I feel very grateful for it.

You can find some pictures from the presentation in a gallery below, including the pom-poms flooded scene and pictures other guests took of my work.

You can also check my Instagram account and Stories Highlights for some little videos I did during the presentation.

Big thanks to Jonathan Anderson for inviting me, thank you very much also to the whole LOEWE team I had the pleasure to meet, so very supportive of my work and so kind! Thank you also to the models and everybody I met during the show who appreciated my work.

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