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Updated: Aug 10, 2021

What a great pleasure to be able to attend and sketch during the Loewe Autumn/Winter 2020 fashion show, held once again at the Maison de l'Unesco on day 4 of Paris Fashion Week.

The floor of the venue was composed of glossy panels of black and white interrupted by flashes of gold, while an artwork by artist Zilia Sánchez welcomed the guests into the show space.

The new collection by Jonathan Anderson is a gracious celebration of fashion and craft, and above all, it's about the pleasure of playing with them. The creative director keeps pushing his boundaries, reworking the silhouettes and textures, in order to give a sense of optimism and excitement.

The original shapes are explored taking into consideration the austereness and the richness of past Spanish iconography, with a silhouette that is both grand and severe.

The work of Japanese artist Takuro Kuwata, who distinguished himself during the 2018 Loewe Foundation Craft Prize, is incorporated in several garments and accessories.

Takuro Kuwata's ceramic pieces are engineered to be part of sculptural draped dresses and onto the drawstring of Flamenco clutches, first launched in 1983.

This sketch, created during the show, is part of my Paris Fashion Week AW20 illustrated coverage for L'Officiel Italia.

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