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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


Updated: Aug 11, 2021

With just a much-speculated graduate collection under her belt, it was with great anticipation that I attended the SS19 Presentation of Bianca Saunders, one of the most promising and talented designers of this latest season at London Fashion Week Men's. And sure I wasn't disappointed!

The very intimate presentation, part of the current NEWGEN line-up, took place in the Discovery Lab, a space conceived as a platform to explore new means of showcasing fashion.

In this case, I really felt like Saunders' clothes spoke for themselves, with honesty and simplicity. They didn't need a great mise en scène.

The collection, 'Gestures', keeps the conversation started with her graduate collection, 'Personal Politics', and deals with black male identity within the British culture.

There are no stereotypes in 'Gestures'. The collection explores paradoxes like "shy confidence" and urgent and current themes like hyper-masculinity. The collection felt as polished as raw, with an essential colour palette and nylons, jersey and cotton as fabrics.

With such a sense of poetry and reality, I am so curious to see the path of this talent.

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