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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

For SS18, Craig Green displayed all the breadth of his talent in a collection that captured his past, present and future.

You could see glimmers of his previous work in those tight-fitting tops, which he had discarded in recent seasons in favour of a more workwear aesthetic. Interestingly enough, they took on a sportswear vibe this time around thanks to figure-flattering panelling and cross-stitching. Additionally, Green’s moving artworks made a return to the catwalk as the models walked with wooden structures strapped to their chests. Adorned with colourful fabrics, they were a celebration of Green’s love for cloth and the creative possibilities that come from stretching one’s imagination. He did just that with tops that combined fabric manipulations to a sumptuous level of intricacy. Most beautiful of all was a rope detail across the body that let room for small swatches to delicately drape out. Paired with string accents, they created a most arresting patchwork.

A new addition to the Craig Green vocabulary was the denim, which came wide-legged (obviously) and with signature key-hole detailing. Most emblematic of the designer’s now honed in craft, were the nomadic Eastern-inspired looks. For SS18, they were deployed in a feast of gorgeous colours, printed with scenes of beaches and sunrises. It made for a powerful, poetic and, most of all, hopeful finish.

Words by Martin Noives

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