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Mastercard Villa - Cannes

This certainly was one of the coolest projects I've had the pleasure to work on: collaborating with Mastercard for their activations during Cannes Lions on the French Riviera!

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the largest gathering of the advertising and creative communications industry, held every year in June in Cannes; every time the Mastercard communications team are tasked with creating the most interesting experiences during four days filled with talks, performances and fun in a luxurious Villa!

Before the events, I worked closely with the Mastercard teams to create two illustrations, one featuring the stunning view of the French Riviera from the beautiful and majestic Mastercard Villa and another one featuring a vibrant map of Cannes, including landmarks such as The Palais des Festivals, the Croisette, the Gutter Bar, the JW Marriot, the Hotel Martinez, the Hotel Barrière Le Majestic, the Carlton and the Mastercard Villa itself.

Those visuals were subsequently used for promotional assets including beautiful silk scarves and notebooks, gifted to guests.

The two designs were also printed on beautifully crafted postcards that guests of the Mastercad Villa could post instantly via a mailbox right next to my station, to send greetings from the French Riviera to their loved ones.

Mastercard - Map of Cannes

Then, I had the huge pleasure of being invited to the Mastercard Villa for the four-day activations, creating quick watercolour portraits of guests or their loved ones, as even these could be posted easily.

I had the most amazing time, meeting with so many people from the advertising and creativity field, and creating portraits of the attendees, all while listening to the most interesting panels about the state and the future of these industries.

I don't remember ever working in such a beautiful setting and atmosphere, I am truly grateful to the Mastercard teams for granting me the opportunity of such a creative partnership and also for taking care of me the all-time at the Villa!

Please, have a look at the following gallery to have a glimpse of my work at the Mastercard Villa, its atmosphere and more of all the merchandise created with my illustrations:

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