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Riviera Sunset artwork for The Mall Saremo.

What's better than a festival in Summer? I was excited when I was approached by the Kering team to create an illustration for their Riviera Sunset Festival event held in Sanremo, at the Mall Luxury Outlets.

The illustration was meant to instantly inspire all the Summer and festival feelings in a striking and fashionable image, which was later used to promote the event online, printed on flyers and other promotional material including as a backdrop for the make-up station and my display as well.

Exactly, besides creating the main promotional illustration, I also had the chance to fly to Sanremo to attend the event!

As you can imagine, I had the pleasure to create quick portraits of selected guests who had reserved their slot before the Riviera Sunset event.

All the slots were fully booked, meaning that I had a lovely but quite busy time!

As you can see from the pictures, I also created some decorative elements for the paper I used during the event, resulting in a whole well-coordinated and effective visual communication.

I honestly had a great time during my short visit to the Mall Luxury Outlets in Sanremo, met plenty of lovely people and really enjoyed the Summer atmosphere!

Grazie mille to the whole team who really took great care of me and feel free to have a look at the following gallery to have a glimpse of what went on during the Riviera Sunset event:

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