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"Merging Italian heritage with the raw intensity of London, Jordan and Luca take a holistic approach to menswear and masculinity. A visceral instinct to study the form and its possibilities."

Founded in 2018 by Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto, Jordanluca has been under my radar for a while now, as I have the pleasure to attend their first presentations during 'London Fashion Week'.

To present their new collection, they opted to be part of 'Milan Fashion Week' for the first time, setting foot in Italy, homeland to one of the founders, and highlighting the dualism of the brand.

The show was filled with a fresh sense of sensuality and life as the designers explored the male silhouette in new exciting ways, successfully conceiving their most cohesive and powerful collection so far.

"it’s a culmination of things much bigger than ourselves: the importance of being alive and present in the moment, a fresh perspective on human vitality and spirit, and how we can continue to persevere in the face of adversity."

Symbols such as the magpie and roses are presented all along with the garments, showing at a first glance the nature of the collection: stretched-out and vibrant, the Jordanluca man appears to be in the constant pursuit of a certain balance, swinging between fury and vulnerability, apathy and desire.

"Most of all, Jordanluca Autumn/Winter 2022 is a call to arms fraught with yearning and provocation at its animalistic heart – a collection which demands more no matter the cost, by looking inward and channelling our deepest human instincts and desires to get there."

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