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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Versailles' women used the Houbigant fragrances on their fans to send a message of love

I am extremely happy to present a new series of illustrations that I have created for the House of Houbigant, iconic French fragrance house, part of an illustrated campaign shown on the brand official Instagram account. Running since 1775, Houbigant Paris is the only fragrance house that has existed through four centuries of history.

The right approach to a brand with such a heritage and history was definitely taken into account during the origin of this creative project, and the brief wanted to translate the historical background of the brand into a new and slightly more contemporary light.

Over the centuries, the perfumers of the House of Houbigant have made seminal discoveries in the creation of their fragrances, which have consequently reshaped the world of modern perfumes.

In 1775, Houbigant Paris was already extremely popular among the aristocratic women at the Court of Versailles, who employed the fragrances on their fans as well, as a way to send out an intimate message.

Not long after, Houbigant became the official perfumer to the Royal courts of many European countries, naturally relating its image to the Royalty universe.

In 1815, Napoleon and his wife Josephine were already among the many Houbigant admirers.

The House of Houbigant was later appointed perfumer to Her Majesty, Queen Victoria of England and then official perfumer to the Imperial Court of Russia in 1890, cementing its position as the most loved fragrance brand among Royals.

With that in mind, my illustrated series for Houbigant Paris explored the Royal theme, setting every fragrance in a luxurious and opulent background, relating every perfume to a specific character according to the scent features.

It was a great pleasure to work on these illustrations along with the digital team of Houbigant Paris.

It was an honour to approach a brand with such a heritage with the aim to highlight its beauty and elegance.

Please feel free to have a look at the following gallery to check the whole series I created for the House of Houbigant.

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