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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

"Nobody told me that foundation can change your sense of self, when it comes to make-up, the difference between the right products and the wrong ones can have more than an effect on your skin".

Happy to share a new series of illustrations part of a Stylist Magazine beauty advertorial in partnership with Clinique Laboratories, one of the top manufacturers of skincare, cosmetics and fragrances.

These illustrations accompany an article that highlights the value of good cosmetics for your body and soul. In particular, the article shows how the right foundation can help someone to start a journey of self-acceptance.

My artwork depicts then different stages of the character, from the teen years to adulthood, from an awkward self to a much more confident one.

I was delighted to be involved in such a project and grateful for the direction given by the Stylist Magazine team in order to express clearly the vision of the author. You can check the full story on their official website.

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