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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


Updated: Aug 10, 2021

You can always count on Manish Arora for a colourful and powerful collection! Since when I was still living in Paris, Manish Arora has been a must-see moment of Fashion Week, so I was quite glad to be attending once again. Although it was quite hard to sketch during the show, as each look was so full of details and I had so little time.

The Autumn/Winter 2019 show, "Finally Normal People", took place in the beautiful American Cathedral, not far from the Champs-Elysées, and it was, as usual, a feast for the eyes.

The collection introduces us to a dystopian future, where Manish Arora's band of misfits are modern-day hippies just like they were having fun at Burning Man!

The colour palette included rose-coloured hues, sunset oranges and fluoros, while slogans like "Everything you need inside you" could be found printed on some of the garments.

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