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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


Staged in the Discovery Lab, as part of London Fashion Week, the Fengyi Tan Spring/Summer 2019 Presentation "Body in Emotion", was personally one of the best moments of the season, an unexpected gem that I was more than glad to discover.

Not only I was in love with the elegant garments and the intricate beauty looks, but I was also literally hypnotised by the whole performance created by the Hexagon Collective, formed by architect Lin Tuo, sound artist Beibei Wong and choreographer Gala Moody (that I portrayed during the presentation). I loved also the cello performance by Kate Shortt.

The collection focuses on the information overload typical of our society, where it gets harder and harder to understand what is real and what is not. The concept of virtual bodies versus our fallible real bodies is here explored.

Linear prints are used to create a sense of three-dimensional fluidity to the fabric, while a combination of different degrees of transparency, flexibility and texture create a richly layered series that intertwines the real and the virtual.

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