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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


Updated: Aug 11, 2021

This is a quick sketch of model Amanda Ljunggren that I did during the Autumn/Winter 2018 Presentation of Mother of Pearl, held in the beautiful Pompadour Room in the Hotel Cafe Royal during London Fashion Week.

In 2016, Amy Powney has become the new creative director of the brand and since then she has worked on a new image for Mother of Pearl, including No Frills, a sustainable line that feeds the new mission of being ethically conscious.

For Autumn/Winter 2018, Powney found inspiration in the early Netherlandish painters and in particular the work of Jan van Eyck, with his rich and regal tones. The elegant silhouette was also partly inspired by the bold 1920s Haute Couture, with puffball sleeves and peculiar cuts that empower the Mother of Pearl signature.

The Mother of Pearl woman is a true fashion devotee, for her fashion is a form of art and as such, it is respected.

The collection has really been a pleasure to sketch and it definitely is one of my favourites of this London Fashion Week.

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