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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Last season I was invited to attend Bora Aksu's SS18 fashion show during London Fashion Week. Before in Paris (where I used to live for about five years) and now in London, fashion week is a very special moment for me. As an illustrator, it is also a great chance to get fully inspired.

Since I also have a photographer background, I usually take some pictures, that have been posted on my Tumblr over the last seasons or on magazines and pubblications I have worked with. Those pictures are also very precious for my illustration work.

Each fashion show I attend is a moment of pure magic, where the vision of each designer finally becomes reality. I often find myself breathless, while models start hitting the catwalk.

Bora Aksu's SS18 fashion show didn't disappoint, it felt like entering a new dimension, that tasted like a fairy tale. At least to me.

The collection was inspired by Lady Musfik, a Turkish noblewoman who chose to leave everything behind her to pursue her dreams and being an artist.

Bora Aksu's woman is feminine and ethereal but strong and independent at the same time. Some of the models were wearing tiaras, pointing up the homage to the Turkish Lady. I was in love with their blushed cheeks (so fun to draw!) and the color palette of the whole collection.

As you may see by the pictures I took myself, Bora Aksu created a collection which is delicate, elegant, very modern and wearable.

I took some time to draw this illustration, adding some graphite (which is kind of new to me, at least in these last years I have been working as an illustrator) to get a very delicate vibe. With this illustration I really tried to sum up the magic that was that moment for me. Can you feel it?

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