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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Every Bora Aksu fashion show I had the pleasure to attend is like stepping into a very intimate and beautiful journey, and his Summer/Spring 2019 offering surely didn't disappoint.

For this season Bora Aksu drew inspiration from Bronislawa Wajs, widely known as Papusza, possibly the most famous Romani poetess: "I wanted to create garments which reflect Papusza's colourful nomadic life, her melancholic and sensitive self, as well as her determination to stand against the traditional limitations of her community."

The collection is then inspired by the early 20th century Romani gipsy lifestyle and their symbolic dress code. Bora Aksu organised the collection to reflect different stages of the life of Papusza: the shades of white represent her early and unhappy marriage to a much older man, while deep blues with contrasting white embroideries symbolize her passionate determined side during the time in which she was disowned by the Roma community.

Also, the colour palette, which includes bright colours like lilacs, corals and hot pinks used together with quieter shades like creams and soft blues, reflects the peculiar balance of Papusza's character.

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