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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


Updated: Aug 11, 2021

I was really looking forward to Bora Aksu AW18 proposition, and once again he stole my heart! There's something magic about his designs and I am glad I had the chance to attend his show.

The starting point for this collection is Margaret Ann Bulkley, also known as James Barry, a military surgeon born in Ireland in 1795. Even if Barry lived almost his whole life as a man, she was born as female. In fact, she chose to live as a man in order to be accepted as a university student and pursue a career as a surgeon. She championed the cause of proper medical care for the lower classes and in order to do that, the only way was to disguise herself as a man.

This man/woman dichotomy becomes the backbone to Bora Aksu's AW18 collection, mixing simplicity with opulence, hard and soft textures, feminine gowns and masculine tailoring.

This contrast can be found also in the colour palette and fabrics: light pastels and powder pinks, silk and organzas for the most feminine looks and on the other side navy, cashmere wools and velvets for boyish looks.

It's a collection that feels as current as ever, a collection that deals with simplicity a contemporary notion of gender. It is a collection for a woman that has no limits.

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