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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

It is no small feat to put together your first solo fashion show. But when that show is set to open London Fashion Week, the challenge is even greater.

On day 1 of LFW, Irish-born designer Richard Malone rose up to the occasion and delivered a collection that injected us with a delicious dose of energy for the week ahead. The fact that this was his first solo outing - after a few seasons under the umbrella of the NEWGEN and Fashion East collectives – goes to show how valuable London's nurturing attitude towards young talent is.

This collection's main strength was its variety. Malone is smart and caters for the many moods of his woman instead of pigeon-holing her as “the tomboy” or “the femme fatale” or “the stylish art critic”. She is all these things and much more. Malone seamlessly alternates between menswear-inspired jackets, slinky high-slit dresses and more avant-garde experimentations with proportions and shapes. As he playfully switches silhouettes, Malone doesn't miss a beat.

The colour scheme of the collection tied it all together into a punchy yet palatable whole. Primarily blue and white, with some injections of yellow, Malone's clothes have an undeniable pop sensibility. The visual impact of his pieces is striking and, in this age of social media, it is one of the keys to building a successful brand. Richard Malone is certainly well on his way to doing just that.

Words by Martin Noives

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