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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Charles Jeffrey brought down the house for his first solo show without the MAN collective on Day 2 of LFWM.

Entitled Portrait of a LOVERBOY, the collection was a celebration of how far the Scottish-born designer has come in a mere couple of years. It was more than enough for Jeffrey to craft an instantly recognizable aesthetic, combining historicism, DIY culture and a love of the nightlife.

Indeed, LOVERBOY is not only a clothing line but also a club night hosted by Jeffrey and his gang of iconoclasts.

This season’s show was presented with a paganistic dance as the backdrop, as we embarked on a hedonistic journey with a most peculiar cast of characters. Most importantly today’s show made a strong statement for the transformative power of clothing. Whether you wish to pair a hoodie with traditional tailoring or want to step out in a giant (fabulous) ball gown, the possibilities for self-expression are endless in Mr Jeffrey’s world.

As he breaks down barriers of gender, race and class we are encouraged to reconnect with what makes dressing up so fun. As such, his clothes are not to be taken at face value, rather they are tools for the wearer to create his own personal narrative. Join the party!

Words by Martin Noives

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