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The much-awaited Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture collection ft. Sacai

It's time to finally share another project I had the pleasure to work on and that proved also to be a quite fun commission. I was invited by Vanity Fair France to create an illustrated map of the isle of Saint Barthélemy, to go with an article signed by Pierre Groppo, introducing a series of ideal spots worth checking while visiting the Caribbean island.

The isle, globally known also as St. Barts, is an overseas French collectivity and for this reason, its culture, including the language and the cuisine, is quite distinctly influenced by the French hexagon, resulting also in a popular tourist destination during the winter holiday season.

As you can see from the illustrated map itself, the Vanity Fair France guide introduces at least twelve dreamy and unmissable spots to visit in St.Barts and several things to do while there.

Maira Grazia Chiuri's Christian Dior New Haute Couture collection

Among these suggestions, the Gouverneur beach is well-known for its heavenly setting and for being also one of Leonardo DiCaprio's favourite places!

If you are more in the mood for shopping, St. Barts is also known to be a high-end and luxury site. For a more authentic and local experience, Vanity Fair France suggests, among others, Diamond Genesis, with its jewelry line inspired by the isle shape, and Poupette St Barth, popular for its boho-chic print dress and accessories.

All beauty lovers should check the Ligne St. Barth, with its long history and heritage, it has now sparked great interest and it is now available even outside of the island.

For those who are more inclined to discover the local cuisine, you won't be disappointed, Vanity Fair France proposes several addresses like Le Rivage, Le Bar de l'Oubli, and the Tamarin restaurant.

Who's ready to go to St. Barts?!

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