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If you ever wondered what it feels like to attend one of the exclusive parties of 'Emily in Paris'... well, I can say that I have certainly had a glimpse of that during an intimate dinner held in the French capital by Malone Souliers in order to celebrate their capsule collection in collaboration with the Netflix hit tv-show.

The dinner took place at the Twenty-Two club, a unique and almost secretive location overlooking the beautiful gardens of Palais Royal in Paris.

During the intimate dinner, I had the pleasure to create quick watercolour portraits of guests, so that they could bring with them a special memory of the night. Everyone was so patient and kind, it was such a pleasure to have a chat as they were posing for me!

Meeting Ashley Park, one of the stars of Netflix's Emily in Paris, was certainly the funniest and most special moment of the night. She even tried out my watercolours painting some colourful flowers while I was creating her own portrait!!

Thank you very much to Malone Souliers for having me and to the Twenty-Two club for their extra kindness and care during the event.

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