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Kicking off the festive and busy holiday season with Rolex during an exclusive event at Galeries Lafayette Haussman, a few days ago.

The event took place in the renowned Parisian flagship store and precisely in the beautiful department corner of the Maison Rolex, forever embodying a unique and lasting contribution to the world of watches but also to global culture.

I was invited by the Galeries Lafayette team to create quick watercolour portraits of guests and watch connoisseurs, in a sublime atmosphere that included a talented duo of musicians playing the sax and the violin: perfect for the Christmas season!

The event was a complete success: it was such an honour and a pleasure taking part and all the guests were quite happy with their portraits! Thank you so much the Galeries Lafayette Haussman team for welcoming me and for making it so special!

Please feel free to have a look at the following gallery for a glimpse of the night:

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