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Mother's day is a very special occasion, a gentle reminder for everyone to celebrate their beloved mothers and what a better time to offer a customised portrait as a unique gift? For this reason, I had the pleasure to collaborate for the first time with the iconic French brand Lancel as part of an exclusive event.

During a lovely afternoon, I was invited to the Lancel boutique in Lyon in order to create quick portraits of mothers, sometimes along with their children: it was such a special moment for everyone, living and sharing such a unique experience.

Lancel is known for its fresh sense of beauty, a line of accessories that are reinventing the concept of luxury through optimism, bright colours and high-quality materials.

It was such a joy to work in such a colourful environment, a perfect match to my work and its aesthetic.

Thank you a lot to everyone at Lancel for having me and to the in-store team in Lyon for taking care of me during the event.

Check out the gallery below to have a glimpse of this lovely afternoon:

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