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It's always exciting to have the chance to explore different subjects and briefs, so I am happy to share today a series of food illustrations I have created for the latest issue of the French magazine 'Elle à Table'.

I was in charge of ten illustrations for the four-page spread 'Les recettes du placard', a regular column of the magazine.

Using a small selection of five ingredients, the 'Elle à Table' column shows every month how to cook three different balanced and unconventional three courses meals (for one person, two people or more).

The ingredients picked for this month are hummus, mixed diced vegetables, buckwheat, cured ham and dates.

I am not much of a cook, so it was quite interesting and educational to see how a few ingredients can be employed so differently and with creative results!

I really enjoyed working on this commission for 'Elle à Table', which allowed me to create something different than usual. I particularly liked creating the desserts for every menu and also the opening image with all the ingredients.

And if you are wondering how it feels to be working on these illustrations: I can assure you that I started getting hungry pretty soon!

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