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Updated: Aug 10, 2021

“This collection celebrates motherhood, childhood, sisterhood, and the family we choose, highlighting the importance of this powerful bond."

Now widely known for her social and environmental commitment, Bethany Williams has been under the spotlight lately for winning the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design and more recently the British Emerging Talent Award at the Fashion Awards 2019.

Consequently, her Autumn/Winter 2020 show was much anticipated and once again Bethany Williams didn't disappoint, following her social dedication, she presented a collection in collaboration with The Magpie Project, a charity created to support mothers and under-fives children in temporary accommodation in East London.

"The Magpie Project's homeless are our children and not somebody else's problem, they are our future (adults). This is not fashion; this is a blueprint for a better future - happening now."

For her AW20 show, the designer worked once again with Adidas, Wool and the Gang and artist Melissa Kitty Jarram, who created a video inspired by the bond between mother and child, projected right before the show.

These sketches, created backstage and during the show, are part of my London Fashion Week AW20 live illustrated coverage for L'Officiel Hommes Italia.

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