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A quick sketch created during the fashion show

Kicking off Paris Fashion Week Men's with Japanese sophisticated brand Auralee, founded by designer Ryota Iwai in Tokyo in 2015. A graduate of the prestigious Bunka Fashion College, Ryota Iwai has been gaining attention for his unique signature style that mixes a poetic view with practical and tailored looks.

In 2019 he won the 37th Mainichi Fashion Newcomer Award and also the Shiseido Encouragement Award, while two years before he opened his first store in the cosmopolitan Minato district in the Japanese vibrant capital.

Since 2015, Auralee is part of the official Paris Fashion Week schedule and I've had the pleasure to attend their shows already before, I was then anticipating discovering their new offer.

For Autumn/Winter 2023, Ryota Iwai offers for both men and women a refined collection consisting of elegant and layered armours to feel protected and soothed, with a colour palette that blends nuanced tones with more accented and vivid ones.

It was an extra pleasure to be able to attend and sketch during the Auralee Autumn/Winter 2023 show.

I created a quick drawing as models were walking the runway - oh the adrenaline! - and once I got back in my studio I added a few more details to make the sketch looks as refined as the designer's vision. Thank you so much for having me!

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