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Updated: Aug 10, 2021

"Feeling beautiful gives you strength, as women, we need all the strength we can master to fight, as we still have so many battles to win".

The Alberta Ferretti Autumn/Winter 2021 collection indeed highlighted the beauty and the energy of today's women, through a runway show presented digitally on Day 1 of Milan Fashion Week.

The present times are tough, women are here presented as powerful beings with all their contradictions and strengths. The collection looks minimal but strong and daring as ever, the garments are instant-classics gifted with enveloping shapes and protective textures. The outwear-game is solid, with sculptural trench coats and ponchos, while the jewellery perfectly balances most of the outfits.

The colour palette is essential, exploring black, different shades of grey and then tones of ochre, brown, beige, petrol green and olive. The final outcome is a peculiar balance of contrasts, a harmony of decisive or reassuring gestures.

The glamorous fedora hats were surely a big yes for me and I was instantly drawn to them, ending up including one in my own illustration.

This illustration is part of an online partnership between Alberta Ferretti and FIDA, where illustrators from the community shared their work to celebrate the unveiling of the new collection.

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