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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


Updated: Aug 10, 2021

"I really wanted to work with experiments in shape. I took pictures of some of the toy-figurines I have been collecting, cut them out and tailored looks to all of their specifics forms. Every piece of clothing carries its own identity, shapes and characteristics of my otherworldly muses".

In his own words, Walter Van Beirendonck, unveils the inspiration behind his Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Every show by the Belgian designer is an extreme visual experience, where each of his garments allows us to step into his magical and colourful universe.

Witblitz - Alien Vintage, the name of his new collection, draws inspiration from the present, rather than the past or the future. The designer addresses some major issues our own world is dealing with, like the limitation of free will and the exclusion of refugees.

Each look was then enhanced by the wise work of Charlie Le Mindu, who created very inspiring wigs for the models.

This sketch, created live during the runway show, is part of my Paris Fashion Week SS20 live illustrated coverage for L'Officiel Hommes Italia.

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