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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


Updated: Aug 10, 2021

A cult label at Seoul Fashion Week, pushBUTTON comes back for the second time as part of the official London Fashion Week schedule, proposing a strong and powerful Autumn/Winter 2019 show that I definitely wanted to sketch from the first look to the last!

For his new collection, pushBUTTON designer and founder Seung-Gun Park creates a wise mix and match of all things typically unflattering, culminating in an unpredictable harmony.

Sportswear and feminine silhouettes blend together to create an unexpected twist, with references to the Elizabethan era and once again to shoujo-manga-inspired visuals. The very same mix can be found on textiles and patterns, with an aboundance of checks, leopard prints and dots.

The pushBUTTON woman is a fierce and strong one, willing to push boundaries: "A true queen in the modern sense of the word".

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