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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


Updated: Aug 11, 2021

For the Spring/Summer 2019 season, Ulla Johnson offers an inclusive collection that celebrates craftsmanship and a world free from any kind of boundaries.

The collection, as a vibrant and multicultural patchwork, explores how women have used in the past the power of craft and colours to create a symbolic value.

Indeed, for this season, the designer worked with talented artisans from all over the world, including Nairobi, Peru, India and Kenya, leading her to a unique creative mix.

Inclusivity is a theme as current as ever. In this case, the collection may feel like a subtle political statement for the designer, born and raised in Manhattan, or possibly a simple and honest reaction to these stormy times in America and the rest of the world.

Either way, the collection is a feast for the eyes and more than visually appealing: for a conscious contemporary woman.

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