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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


Updated: Aug 11, 2021

"To the Child of the Sun who becomes golden again as summer approaches. With the long days and short nights, you bask in the bright skies and new life. Summer is nigh and you will be reborn, renewed, reenergised".

During Paris Fashion Week I had the pleasure to attend also a very special and intimate presentation: Gravalot SS19, held at the Galerie Eric Dupont. I also had the chance to meet Onye Anuna, the very talented London based designer, that introduced Gravalot for the first time in the French capital.

The new collection, entitled "Child of the Sun", keeps exploring Black cultures aiming for an Afro-Contemporary design that combines modern and traditional materials, bringing a breath of fresh air into the fashion system.

The quality of the garments is also key to the nature of the brand, as they are crafted by the hand of talented artisans. That's the case of the traditional Fulani straw hats that some of the models were rocking. They are partially covered in leather and handmade in Northern Nigeria and also very fun to draw.

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