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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


Updated: Aug 11, 2021

One of the highlights on the last day of London Fashion Week was without a doubt the MINKI AW18 Presentation, that took place in the sumptuous Park Chinois in Mayfair.

The exquisite garments were a treat to draw, as usual, I wished for more time, but during Fashion Week things can get quite hectic so I had to sketch fast and get to another location for another show.

For this season MINKI launches another dialogue and asks his audience: Who has been the most sophisticated creator? Nature or man? Is a piece of rock formed over time by nature of greater beauty than an alluringly carved gemstone, moulded by the hands of an artinasal sculptor?

Those are big questions, but in this case, answers may be simpler than you think. MINKI talks about rocks and stones but the AW18 collection eventually refers more to meditation and contemplation. It's a collection of contrasts: feminine bijoux and men's oversized shirts, heavily quilted couture outerwear and soft fairy-like dresses.

So...Who has been the most sophisticated creator, nature or man? When you are in front of such beautiful garments, I may be inclined to think that man can create pretty fabulous things!

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