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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


What an amazing session I had the pleasure to host on April 12th as part of my monthly Fashion Life Drawing Class at Cass Art Islington. This time, straight from London Fashion Week, fashion designer Manon Planche was our guest designer, while Janet Mayer wonderfully modelled for us during the two hours of the session.

I think everyone was really in love with Manon's designs, particularly with the bold quilted jacket wore by Janet. It was certainly a great inspiration for all the talented attendees. Have a look at the gallery below to have a glimpse of everybody's talented sketches; as usual, results are quite different and surprising. I really think everybody enjoyed this session, thank you for your positive feedback afterwards! And thank you to Manon, Janet and the Cass Art team!!

Tickets are already selling fast for our next session on May 15th. This time, Amy Thomson, who recently showed her collection during Fashion Scout, will be our guest while Kate Venetia will be our model. I look forward to meeting some of you there!

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