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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

With her modern take on feminine shapes and wise use of colour, Tanya Taylor has launched her eponymous brand in 2012. In a very little time, she has become one of the hottest tickets during New York Fashion Week and has gained the attention of both media and the public, leading her to dress a diverse range of women including Michelle Obama.

I have been following Tanya Taylor's talented journey for a while now, her designs keep inspiring me season by season, so it is an honour having her answering some questions for my blog.

I feel like New York City plays a big role in your life and career. What does New York mean to you?

New York is so important to me. I have been here for nearly 10 years. I started my career as a fashion designer here so it holds a special place in my heart.

You have collaborated with other artists such as Kalen Hollomon or Will McLeod. Is it something you are going to do again with other creative minds?

Art is an important part of our brand DNA and something that we always have in mind when thinking about our collaborators.

Your designs have been often qualified as being quite feminine. Have you ever thought about having a menswear line? Maybe a capsule collection?

Creating optimistic, inclusive womenswear is our foundation. Capsules, like a menswear line, are always a possibility!

Tanya Taylor AW17

What is the best part of being a fashion designer?

There is always something new to discover and create.

Do you feel like your approach to designing is changing now that you are a mother?

We have always considered flexibility in our fit and different bodies so pregnant or not our clothing is applicable.

Any hints on what we should expect from your next collection?

Lot's of colour as always, and lace!

Thank you so much to Tanya for taking the time for this interview and her team for making it possible.

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