• Francesco Lo Iacono


As it turns out, this was the last runway show for the women's line of Undercover. At least for the time being, Japanese designer Jun Takahashi is looking at other ways to present his womenswear.

Nonetheless, this was a strong collection, even if Takahashi's subtle-yet-wicked inventivity can often get lost in still pictures. As usual, he took inspiration from common everyday items – this time a teenager's wardrobe – and gave them his own delightfully weird spin.

Fluffy tracksuits, hybrid down jacket/trench coats, crunched up parkas, hoodies with zip pockets sewn in the back and those “We are infinite” rain boots, … there were plenty soon-to-be-cult items to satisfy the aficionados of Undercover's off-kilter brand of cool.

Words by Martin Noives

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