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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


On January 15th I hosted a new session of my monthly Fashion Life Drawing Class at Cass Art Islington. This time, design collective Point Blank was our guest designer, with two looks from their latest collections, while Jesika gracefully modelled for us during the two hours of the class.

I am very happy with the outcome of this class, the designers and the model were very supportive and they helped me create a very cool vibe and relaxed atmosphere during the class. As usual, I tried to alternate short and long poses, though every pose was very challenging for all the attendees. And I also tried to give personal and valuable advice to each one of the attendees. I really enjoyed this class as I felt like everyone was really having fun! Thank you very much to everybody who came, I hope you enjoyed our time together as much as I did! Big thanks to Crystal, Adrienne, Jesika and all the Cass Art team!!

Designer Hannah Brabon is going to be our next guest for the February 13th class, while Charlotte WIllcox will be our model. Looking forward to meeting some of you there!

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