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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Starting today I am going to host on my blog a series of interviews with personalities from the fashion (illustration) industry in order to explore this world from the point of view of an illustrator. Exciting things are going to come!

I am more than happy to start this series with Angus Chiang, fashion designer of the eponymous brand founded in 2015.

With its gender-neutral style and Taiwanese culture references, ANGUS CHIANG has reached in few years remarkable turning points: in 2017 he is among the Top 21 Young Fashion Designers nominated for the LVMH Prize. Ahead of his Autumn/Winter 2018 fashion show, once again as part of the Paris Fashion Week Men's official calendar, Angus shares with us his creative journey including a preview of his new collection.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

I didn't focus on fashion design at the beginning. I focused on computer graphics and media communication before college. And originally, I would like to keep studying them in university, but accidentally I needed to study fashion design at first in order to transfer my major to communication and media studies. However, times made me dedicate myself to fashion design, and also made me like to express my ideas by designing clothes. It is how I started to understand the direction of my career.

How did you feel when you found out that you'd be selected for the LVMH Prize?

I felt very excited and grateful. I think the best thing was that I could have more chances to communicate with other designers and media. Every candidate was so talented. To be one of the candidates in the competition has been an honour for me.

It looks like Taiwanese culture plays a crucial role in your inspiration. Is it part of your creative process?

For me, Taiwan is the place that I love and that I am most familiar with. I would like to make it a platform to communicate with other people. And also, figuring out details in daily life in Taiwan always gives me a lot of inspiration, no matter if it is just a childhood memory or a modern decoration.

Bright and vivid colours appear to be a common thread in all of your collections. It's something I am quite fond of because I feel like I personally use colour in my work in a very similar way...

I like colour a lot, and it’s a very significant element for ANGUS CHIANG. We always try to express our ideas and colour is the best way to do it: it is a way to have fun with the visual elements.

I love your interest in accessories and particularly earrings. As an illustrator, I love when I get the chance to draw a face enhanced by earrings...

I believe bold earrings can indicate lots of stories that we would like to tell.

I think everyone can have a chance to show different feelings with our earrings.

I lived in Paris for about 5 years and it was quite refreshing to see a young and talented designer like you joining Paris Fashion Week Men's official calendar. What does this mean for you and your brand?

Paris Fashion Week is the best stage for us to better communicate with everyone. We can have many opportunities to work with talented people and outstanding brands as well from all over the world. It makes us keep improving and thriving.

You showed your collections in London, Vancouver and Paris. Do influences from these cities find their way into your work?

Actually, my experiences in Vancouver Fashion Week and London Fashion Week were so impressive. Though there are lots of differences. For example, the association of Vancouver Fashion Week would organize models, styling, and event location for brands. What we needed to do was not that much. However, in London or Paris, brands should do all things independently for the show. Those experiences always make our future show preparation a little easier.

Based on your personal Instagram account it looks like you and your teamwork in a quite funny mood...

It is important to have a funny mood every day, especially in the workplace. I always try to figure out something interesting every day with my team. I believe this positive attitude makes us execute our design ideas successfully.

What is your favourite part of being a fashion designer?

I can have fun at my work every day. Although managing a brand is tough, doing what I like means a lot to me.

I guess you are currently working on your new collection that will be presented in January 2018. What should we expect?

Another Taiwanese culture reference, a scooter, will be presented in our AW18 show. Taiwan has a peculiar nickname, Island of Scooter, and it is our main inspiration for this season. The design concept illustrates a scooter rider’s behaviour, clothing style and colours as well and we also include lines and street signals images. As usual, we translate everything through our witty attitude into the collection.

Thank you so much to Angus for taking the time for this interview and his team for making it possible. I look forward to seeing his new collection in few days in Paris.

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