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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

On the very first day of London Fashion Week Men I had the pleasure to attend another presentation: Wood Wood AW18.

With this presentation, that took place at The Swiss Church, the brand, founded by Karl-Oskar Olsen (who also style the whole show) and Brian SS Jensen in 2002, introduced their multilayered world to the English audience. The collection, entitled Before and After, mixed the distinctive contemporary streetwear style of Wood Wood with elements of Americana. The main theme of the collection was the transition into adulthood and teenage slogans like "Sad Songs Make Me Happy" (I may have thought that myself when I was 16) were printed on some of the garments like on the back of a denim jacket part of the first look.

I quite enjoyed this collection, its colour palette and how wearable it is. Once again I took some time to sketch key looks of the collection, this time I used more pencils than usual since it is, of course, easier than watercolour when you are short on time. I didn't realize while sketching, but I ended up drawing only profiles. More illustrated reports are coming in the next few days as LFWM is in full swing!

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