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  • Francesco Lo Iacono


This is a very quick sketch that I did during the agnès b. SS19 fashion show that I had the pleasure to attend during Paris Fashion Week. If you think of French fashion, possibly there is nothing more contemporary than agnès b. and this collection proved that once again.

"This season, I got fun once again... Too many ideas? I don’t know... We are not all the same and... we are not the same every day."

Agnès b. herself tells about the journey that led her to create this new collection, that offers many looks because women are so different and each one deserves to express herself with different garments. She also keeps the collection as personal as possible, as she creates a digital printed design with the pictures she posts on her own Instagram account.

For Spring/Summer 2019 classics like button up V neck dresses, doubled buttoned beige striped linen and V collar dresses are explored again, while the colour palette includes sea green, blue and yellow.

The collection sees also a collaboration with young artist Jain, who also opened the show singing live and introducing the capsule collection.

Thank you very much to Emma and the whole agnès.b team for having me.

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