Watercolor Fashion Illustration

Step-by-step techniques for illustrating fashion and in watercolors


He has already worked with a wide range of clients including fashion designers, high-end department stores and fashion magazines. Some of his illustrations have also been exposed during the second edition of DDessin, the contemporary drawing fair in Paris.


In this book, you will learn to master watercolour by creating delicate, beautiful fashion illustrations. 

The book begins with the best tools and materials, from paints and brushes to pencils, paper and more. You'll then explore simple watercolour techniques such as washes, wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry. Then, it's time for some notions about lighting and shading and finally, in the front section, you'll learn about colour, how to create palettes, how to mix colours and achieving a range of skin tones. 

Once you've covered these fundamentals, you will explore the key elements of illustrating fashion, with guidance on how to approach both male and female faces, a wide variety of hair types and styles, different male and female poses, and how to draw and paint garments, volume, texture and patterns. 

Twenty step-by-step projects then take these building blocks and show you how to use them to create beautiful fashion watercolours, starting with easier subjects and building in complexity as your confidence grows.


You'll begin by painting handbags and shoes without models before starting to introduce figures. The range of subjects included covers all angles, from full figures front on and in profile to close-up make-up and beauty illustrations. You'll also learn how to create dynamic compositions for editorial fashion illustration.


Finally, you'll learn the best ways to digitize and retouch your work, how to incorporate other media alongside your watercolours, how to work live at fashion shows and how to take everything you've learned to develop your own personal style of fashion illustration.